Wednesday, May 28, 2014

First day in Guatemala!!!

Hola Familia!! Hermana Andersen here and its official cause we got our nametags YES. We got here at like 5:30 this morning and a guy came and got us so we got to the CCM at like 6:30. the traffic here is crazy haha guys just sprint across the street like Frogger but its funny. Then we got to the CCM and unpacked a tiny bit and then they let us eat breakfast we had beans and bananas fritas haha and then they let us take a long nap thank goodness we were all pooped. Then we ate lunch and I sat by some latina hermanas and spoke to them a little but I can only do basic conversation before I get lost. They are so sweet. But the flights were good we are safe. I talked to the dentist and he gave me a hug from Elaine he was so cute haha. Then we have been in language class half the time Im not too sure whats going on but thats okay I will get there. My roomatte companion girl is Hermana Bacon she is the one from the airport I talked to first funny huh. we have one other roommate from Cambodia and she is so cute but we cant really understand her. But anyway we are only getting on to send you this email so I wont be able to talk again probably til tuesday or wednesday. But it is hot and very humid i love it though. So far my President and his Wife are so sweet and the teachers and poeople are awesome. The food is good so far and I know this is where I am supposed to be!! Hope you are all doing good and its weird I havent even been gone 24 hours haha.  Yay tell Seth congrats and i love him and everyone else too.  Everything is great>) thats supposed to be a smiley but these keyboards are funky. The temple is small but GORGEOUS.  Sorry i know there are a lot of typos but thats okay. Everyone is so sweet here. I love it and cannot wait for what else is in store. Love you guys so much!!!! LOVE YOU LOVE YOU LOVE YOU
Love Hermana Andersen

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