Monday, October 27, 2014

5 months.... already?

TIME IS FLYING...........

 that's all i got to say haha. The mission is so amazing. We had like 50 family home evenings this week and they were all so much fun, we ate pizza hut and talked with the members.  It was so good. :) We also had the opportunity to do a lot of service this week and I love it when that happens. We helped a family really clean their house.. and there was a giant spider, literally, but thats okay it was still so much fun, and then we helped a family tortilla their tortillas... I have no idea how you say that in english. We are also  teaching a super special family they are awesome and I truly love them so much. Sorry, not much time so that is all this week :) love you all!!!

Monday, October 20, 2014

I love it here :)

Well this week was good, my compañion officially has 8 months in her mission and I almost have 5, weird. I cant believe that it is autumn back home it still feels like July here but i am loving it. This week we went to visit LOTS of people, it was really good. We are visitng a family that I love they are Efrain and Heidi I really hope they can progress. They have 1 daughter and shes like 5 years old and the cutest thing ever. Also this week we were walking to an appt and there was some guy and his car broke down.. and i said to my comp lets go help him and she said yeah we cant do anything and i said true... but we can ask he will probably say no anyways, well he didn't say no and we ended up helping him look for bolts in the POURING rain it was pretty funny haha BUT we left him a Book of Mormon and he told us that his sister served a mission so that was pretty cool. Oh also we are visiting a man named Diego he is sooo cool, he pays tithing and has a great testimony and everything he just doesnt want to baptize, who knows why?? We are going to continue working with him. It is so awesome here... wahoo!! love you all :)

Monday, October 13, 2014

Another week in TREBOL.

Monday night we had a FHE with a member and some of her non member friends... but they bailed... so we partied with the members and that was really fun. Tuesday we went and visited Maria, i think i forgot to mention her in my last email but she is 17 and loves when we visit her, she has a bapsitm date for this Saturday but has been super uneasy about the date, so we went and taught her Tuesday night and made a cake with her it was sooo fun and the cake was sooo good!! She lives with a member of the branch presidency cause she is their maid. I really love her so much!!! The other day we were walking with her from the church, and she totally gave someone a pamphlet and like contacted them and we were like what the freak but it was soooo cool and then after that she told us she wants to get baptized for sure but she only has 17 years so she has to get permission from her parents.. she went home today to ask them and is coming back tomorrow so we are crossing our fingers and saying our prayers. Also sad sad story, the cute family we teach with 10 kids, well their dad passed away and they have like nothing so i am sooo sad for them, we taught them the plan of salvation and the lesson was sooooo good but my heart is broken for them! Also we got to go to the house of the senior couple here with us, the Bakes and they literally are the BEST!!! I love having a missionary couple with us in Peten because we are so far from Coban so its such a blessing to have them here, and their house is sooooo nice i love it, it made me miss my sofas and carpeted floors a little..... hot showers not so much those are not needed here. :) Also we visited the member with her alcholic husband.... Thats such a tough story he really has had his drinking problem for like 45 years, super tough. This week we had zone conference and that was a blast! We ate food and were spiritually nourished too it was sooo good. We learened about charity.. and had activities and stuff it was super good. ummm i forgot to write everything down sooo  i dont have too much this week. but today we went to Yaxha and that was pretty awesome its like Tikal but smaller. and more bugs, but it was amazing and I will send pictures next week. Funny story this week... well there was a scary dog coming after us and I was not thinking and I basically threw my comp in front of me  hahaha i am a terrible companion but she was dying of laughter... its okay we both survived ;)... love you all so much!! oh and a really good scripture.... HELAMAN 5:12  this has really helped this week. :) love you guys so much!!

Monday, October 6, 2014

This week was so great! :)

So basically I absolutely love my new area, with the exception of the giant spiders that live in our house... it's pretty disgusting and my comp makes me kill them sometimes hahaha sooo gross!! I hate spiders. The roads in this area are all dirt so my shoes look like i have had them for 50 years, but i love it,  it makes me feel more like a missionary everyday and my tanlines are horrible. ;)  This area is much bigger than my last so we do even more walking. We got rained out one day this week, that was crazy!! There was sooo much rain so we waited for a little then left the house!! My comp is the best I dont know if its because i am not training anymore or what but she's amazing i love her we are always laughing and teasing each other  and with the people here as well, I am still trying to meet everyone and get to know them but they are all so humble and sweet. We visited a familty this week with 10 kids they are the absolute cutest things ever!! We brought a wonderful woman and her kids to gerenal conference. wahoo!!! By the way conference was sooooo good ;) i loved it, its was different to be a missionary and watch it but so amazing.  I got to watch part of it in english with the other gringo missionaries so that was fun!! I wish I had time for more but we are so busy I love you guys!! :)