Monday, June 15, 2015

This week was good, and crazy but still GREAT. :)
Monday we had a few lessons including a FHE with a member family, it was really fun. Tuesday we had concilio, and had some really good workshops about teaching better. We also found a few new investigators super awesome this week, beginning with Hermelindo. He lives with his family and really wants to know about the church he just works sundays... and likes coffee a lot... BUT he really has desires to learn and we hope he can progress. :) Wednesday we lost our 3rd companion she went to another part, it was sad, the trio was way better than I thought it would be but it is nice to just be back to two. And speaking of that, I get to stay another change here! i love this place and the people here and I am excited to work more with HermanaTurley. Wednesday we had a different sister stay with us for a day and we had a member so we did divisions and I went with the member we went and visited some people and my comp and the other sister showed up cause they didnt know we were there and then the room where we were was SOOO tiny so we were literally sitting like on top of each other it was so funny!  Thursday we had zone conference and it was good, we also visited IVIS again and she is the best she knows everything is true she just is scared to return to church because of some problems that have happened before. Also thursday it rained SO HARD and we were in kinda a funny lesson, and the kid we were teaching with our member wouldnt let us wait inside his house for 10 minutes or 5... he just kinda shoved us out in tha pouring rain with our poor member hahahaha it was SO funny we just booked it! Also friday we did divisinos and I went with Hermana Muñoz, we got to ride around in a car for awhile... we were spoiled that day by the member ;) also we were in a lesson and a lady was bashing on the Book of Mormon and saying weird things about it,then she started talking about tithing and we showed her right there in the BOM it talks about tithing. Then she was more ready to listen it was awesome. :) I love the Book of Mormon. Saturday me and hermana turley started inviting people in the street to be baptize in our contacts, it was really cool and we want to keep doing it cause it has helped us out a lot. We are still visintg lidia and americo, but lidias mom doesnt really love us too much... but thats okay!!!! I love this gospel

and i love you all hope you have a great week :)

Monday, May 11, 2015

Well really not too much to say since I just talked to you yesterday,but I was really happy to hear all your voices! :) We have been seeing miracles and Elder Alonso coming to visit really pumped us up! Its been a good week and we are hoping for greater this week! :) We are teaching an amazingly cute couple and they are really willing to learn, also we have another family that are incredibly interested but have some doubts about the no drinking coffee... We have been able to see the Lords hand in the work A LOT this week and its incredible how he puts people in the right places and right moments. :) there are so many people being prepared to receive this amazing gospel, and the Lord is not shy to help us see that! :) I am grateful for this opportunity! We are doing good here, hope all is well there! Love you all so much! Have a great week! :)

Monday, March 30, 2015

This week we spent a lot of time visiting and helping Vilma and her
kids, her husband is still working far away, but she is reading the
Book of Mormon and has lots of questions so that is super good. :) We
also taught Ursula again, I think I  have talked about her before! I
love her, we taught her the law of chastity this week because her and her
"husband" are not married. It started out pretty awkward cause we
thought she would be angry  that we were teaching her that, but it all
ended up pretty good and she understood the importance of marriage.
They have a goal set to be married in April! Woop woop! :) The Womens
conference was super good, I LOVED Henry B Eyrings talk, he always has
the spirit so strong when he speaks. Yesterday the Catholics celebrated
the holy week and they had a parade that passed our house at like 9 pm
with a huge float of Jesus and the virgin Guadalupe and they decorated
the streets with this chalk stuff so all day it was SOOOO pretty to
walk in the streets. Its been a good week time is going by too fast but
I really love to be here!!! The gospel is true and we are so lucky to
have it!!!! love you guys



Monday, March 9, 2015


Yeah im not writing a big email today, not much happened this week,
because my life was spent in the dentist office. Vilma and Angel
brought their family to a church activity so that was super cool but
they couldnt come to church because they went to sell food with their
church ON A SUNDAY. We explained to them that it was breaking the
sabbath and they said.. well its just once a year!!  Also we
have been working really hard with a woman named Ursula she is the best
and her little girl ALWAYS braids my hair, she loves it for some
reason. Sorry but thats pretty much it this week. We went to some
really cool caves today so I don't have much time, Everything is
great here!!! I hope everyone is good I love you all so much have a
great week :)

sista andersen

Monday, March 2, 2015

hey fammm :)

This week was good!! great! wonderful!! Loving the mission life! Monday
we had noches de hogar that was super fun with an investigator family
that are super awesome. Then Tuesday we had a meeting with Sister
Curtiss I love her so much, her testimony is so big and after she took
us to lunch at a really cool restaurant. She showed us a video about
hiding your potential and a hatchet cover, I think its new on
if you have time watch it because it was super good. :) Wednesday we
had district meeting which was WAY good and we went to pizza hut after.
yum. We went to  visit Angel and Vilma they are the BEST!!! They came
to the baptism Saturday and I think they enjoyed it so we are hoping
they will progress, they are soo awesome and they love learning about
eternal families. :) they make me happy!! Thursday I got kinda sick
cause I ate CHOW MEIN, every time I eat it I get sick I hate that stuff.
Its like noodles and chicken and veggies and who knows what else and
its all mixed in a blender then cooked I swear it is so gross, but the
guats love it! That night we visited familia trigero, they are also the
BEST we taught them about faith and had such a good lesson with them,
they really are such cool people!! Friday we had a ward activity it was
sooo fun we were in charge of the temple station, we had a good turn
out. Saturday we went to do exercises at the church and the other
hermanas from the ward came and we just TALKED the whole time oops
sorry exercises haha. We had correlation and ate pizza.. and then we
went to lunch with the zone leaders and one of them found a hair in his
food and would not touch his food after, he hid it in a BAG and snuck
it out we were all dying oh my goodness.  We had a baptism and a
lot of investigators came with us and it was super great, super
spiritual and the baptism was beautiful. :)  I love you all so much
and hope everything is good!!:):):):

Monday, February 16, 2015

This was such a great week. We are teaching the cutest family and
I just love them so much but they need to come to church and so far
no luck. We will keep working with them. Well this week i ate liver
for the first time and I also ate some meat with little hairs in it still...
YUMMY.... And this week we are having cow tail, I will let you know
how that goes. We had a great meeting about bringing others to
Christ... Made me want to work even harder, it is just that important.
I am about to finish the book of Mormon again, I truly love the
scriptures and I love this gospel!!!

have a great week and I love you all so much :)

Monday, February 9, 2015

This week was so good, I was so sad to leave San Cristobel but sister leader training is going so good and I love being with Hermana Gomez again. I got to go to the area of hermana weicks and went out with her companion.  We were able to talk a lot at night, it was really fun to see her and talk with her again :)  I am sorry, I know I stink at writing big emails lately I will try to be better.  We are teaching this SUPER cute family, I will have more updates next week, we have been working really hard. We also had a noche de hermanimiento with the ward and did karaoke. (I sent pictures) it was so much  fun!!! LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH HAVE A GREAT WEEK!