Monday, August 25, 2014

New week new companion :)

This wek was so good! My new comp is so cute she leaves me notes in my planner and is just so sweet. We taught a girl that has been taught by the missionaries for a while and I LOVE her. Her name is Dairin and she has a baby and a esposo but they are not married so we talked a little about that. We also taught Maria and her grandkids and THEY ALL HAVE BAPTISMAL DATES!! 20 of September I am so excited for them :) the only problem is Maria just got a job... for sundays. :( so we dont know what we are going to do but we have to fnd a way that she can come to church and the tough thing is they are really poor so she really needs the job. It is so hard. I really hope hey can make the important step. Also our investigator that has a date for the 6 of Sept is really progressing like crazy! He did homework in one of the pamphlets we left! We were so surprised haha. This weekend we had a conference with all the members in Peten so there was a bajillion people there and we didnt think he came but we went to his house and he talked about his favorite talk and everything! it was soo cool :) The conference this weekend was really good president of our mission came and talked and the president of the area his name is Hermano Morales. They were super good. A cool story for this week we were just kinda knocking random doors and we talked with this one girl and she was like really hesitant with talking to us then she just said i drink so i dont think i should talk to you and we explained that Heanvenly Father loves us no matter what and its not important and people can help and la la and she just started crying. She was baptized in the church and has been menos active for who knows how long but she really wants help. It is crazy amazing how the spirit leads us to certain people! I am so grateful for the spirit and this gospel :) Well have a great week love you so much :)

Monday, August 18, 2014


Well first my companion trainer (mi mama) is leaving me ;( so sad I am really going to miss her but I am excited as well. My new companion is Hermana Martinez from Honduras and she is in my district so I am pretty excited because I love her too!  I am a little nervous because she doesnt know the area so I am in charge of where we go and who we visit and stuff.. AH! Crazy. This week was really good, Tuesday morning we found out we were having divisions so we had our reunion de distrito and then I went to Santa Elena with Hermana Ball from Kaysville and we were walking when it started pouring the HARDEST I have experienced here, we were soaked within seconds. So we went to a house of a menos activo and she let us stay there for awhile. Also this week we visited Widman the guy from Belize again and shared a small mesage with them (in spanish) and we asked the 9 year old son to say the prayer and he was blessing everyone and saying bless the sisters bless my family... and then he said BLESS MY GIRLFRIEND, and he is 9 hahhaha  his brother started laughing and then I started laughing and then we all busted out laughing in the prayer it was sooo funny. This week we had a guy named Jose Alberto accept an invitation to baptism so I am praying he follows through! He is very intelligent and loves to read and has been reading the BOM and has a testimony of it and Joseph Smith! He really likes the church. YAY!  This week we also started teaching an older woman and her 3 grandkids and these people are truly amazing and they want to be baptized as well. It is amazing to see the hands of the Lord work through this amazing gospel. But this family is so poor. They are so sweet and love to have us over always but literally I love them with my whole heart and am excited to teach them more. The nietos want to get baptized, and the Hermana is pretty sure but not fully. :) We will see!  One day we were at Hna Blancas for lunch I was playing with a pepper and everyone feeaked out and made me wash my hands so i just thought they thought my hands were dirty, but apparently the pepper i was playing with can burn your face if you touch it after! I am still learning every day. :). I love this gospel and continue to grow so much each day. Its truly amazing! love you all :)

Monday, August 11, 2014

Grateful for Prayers! :)

This week was good, but we kinda had a tough one as far as lessons go.  Four out of our six members bailed on us the day of, so we were lacking in numbers in the lessons con miebros area... Wow! Next week will be better! Tuesday I thought I was going to die, there was the loudest thunder I have EVER heard in my life and we were teaching under a tin roof so it echoed and we were soaked anyways cause the roof had holes. SOO CRAZY!  Something really awesome that happened this week, we have this guy who is menos activo and he has been for 7 years, since his wife passed away, but we had a noche de hermanomiento with him and HE CAME TO CHURCH THIS SUINDAY :) We were so happy he is older and sooo sweet, so that was Chilero!!:): We also had Reunion de Zona this week and that was good, as well as we had many musical lessons this week, weird right? One a guy played a bunch of music for us on a guitar and it was so cool he was really good,  another guy let us play his marimba and as we were talkning with him we foud out he is a secretary with the Catholic church so we will see where that goes. :) So the reason i titled this about prayers is because I have had to use the wonderful power of prayer a lot this week! Tuesday we were walking past the tortilleria where the niños live and the mom had told us that Juanito who is Makarios older brother was hit by a motorcycle and they just left after hitting him. :( So we ate lunch really fast and went to visit him at the hospital. It was soo sad he broke his fremur and has a huuuge cast on. He is home now and fine we prayed really hard for him he is the sweetest thing and we took him dulces and are so grateful he is okay :)  This week we also found undiscovered ground in our area so we have like a million more houses we can proselyte  in!!:) WAHOO!! :) also this week we started talking with a woman who has 3 grandkids living with her and one has down sydrome she is THE CUTEST TIHING and the woman is sooo sweet too.l love them! That's pretty much it for this week I LOVE YOU ALL :)

Monday, August 4, 2014

Its August. What?!

This week was so good! Okay so funny story to start: I literally wake up almost every night to someone talking..... My comp. And everytime she is TEACHING A LESSON in her sleep!! I hear in spanish her saying okay and why do we pray? good! because God loves us! It is so funny. :) This week we went to a members house for a second and they were listening to FROZEN!! sooo we may have had a little jam session for a second... LET IT GO or in other words.. LIBRE SOY!! jajaja. Also this week on Tuesday a member called us to see if we could help clean her house, we said yes and we went and let's just say there was plenty to clean. :)  Something kinda cool that happened, I was teaching an investigator and  I talked for a pretty long time and realized I really had no idea what I was saying, but it was all in spanish and it worked and he understood and we felt the spirit!! GRACIAS for the HOLY GHOST!!!  :) We also taught a couple this week and they are WRESTLERS how awesome is that? Also, we had a chocobanana this week and it was HEAVEN. We taught a family that lives with pigs and it smelled really bad but its a huge family so we are hoping and praying that we can help them gain a testimony. :) This week I did something I NEVER would have thought Id have to do... I TAUGHT A LESSON IN ENGLISH! weird right? One of our investiagtors is from Belize and he speaks both english and spanish but English better and the spanish sciptures are kinda hard to understand so I taught him the BOM and Joseph Smith in English. He has a girlfriend and they live together but they are getting married in September so we are working really hard with them and  are hoping all works out!:) This week we also changed our house and it is super awesome (for Guatemala) i love it. When we were moving the secretary of our barrio (ward?) was helping us and he always tries to speak enlgish to me but its really funny the conversation is literally always the same like this  he says "hi how are you" and i say "good how are you" and he says "OHHH YES!" hahahahaha he has no idea what he is saying. But later that day we went to the english class that one of our zone leaders teaches and helped him, it was great. We also have an investiagator we are teaching and she is so sweet her name is Rosa and she has a little boy and we asked her to get baptized and she said yeah when? sooo now we just need her to go to church!!:)  Speaking of church, yesterday was so good we had testimony meeting and I love the spirit :):) church is awesome! Its funny here when one person in the family gets up to bear their testimony THE WHOLE FAMILY GETS UP and stands around the micropphopne taking turns its the cutest haha :) 
Mission life is good, getting better each day!! I LOVE GUATEMALA :)