Monday, September 29, 2014

4MONTHS whaaaaat

Wow I really cant believe its been 4 months. :) Time is going by super fast! Especially this last cambio!

This week one of the grandduaghters of an investigator asked me if she could take a picture with me and I said oh yeah of course and she told me she wanted to show her friends and teach them about the Book of Mormon!  I thought that was soo cute and cool and it made me so happy. :)  We had divisions this week with the Hermana Leaders and I stayed in my area but went with a hermana named Hna Hernandez from Mexico she is sooo sweet! We vsited the less active hermana named Nancy and she was sooo awesome, she always is. Then we also visited Luis who is preparing for his baptism on the 11 of Octuber :) He is super cool! A miracle we had this week... We visited a family who literally has like nothing and they are soooo ready to hear the message. We taught them and they were really receptive and came to the womens general conference with us and liked it and also came to church! They really like everything and really need this gospel in their lives :) They all have dates as well for baptism, sooo excited for them,  :) A funny story we were knocking doors this week and we talked to these people for a couple minutes left a pamphlet and yeah went to the next door... IT WAS THE SAME HOUSE. hahah we were so embarassed cause the people were not very receptive so that was pretty funny. :) This week also while knocking we were teaching and the husband of the lady came out and started like preaching to us it was sooooo funny just stuff about Jesus Christ but like trying to get in a fight with us?? i dont know it was weird.  We watched the conference this week it was sooooo good i loved Uchtdorfs  talk (when they announced he was talking i was literally jumping in my seat) but i loved how he said the commandments are divine consejos?? i dont know this word in english like teachings or something like that. Oh also I have a CAMBIO!! I am now in Trebol  which is like 5 minutes from my old area and my companion is Hermana Hernandez from Nicaragua, I already love her. I am super excited to start working this week in this new area!!!! love you alll so much :):):)


Monday, September 22, 2014

This week :)

This week was great other than we didnt have water for 3 days in our house. So we showered at the house of other hermanas until we finally had water hahaha. :) Funny story this week, we were leaving the house of an investigator and I was walking and talking with my comp and I realized she was not talking back and I turned around and she was like 20 feet behind me petting a duck with her FACE haha I love that girl.. One day we were walking and we were as far from our house as we possibly could be, and it started to rain a little bit (and we do not have an umbrella) so we were just walñking then all of a sudden BOOM it started pouring soooo hard and as luck would have it all our appts fell through so we walked allll the way back to our house in the downpour, It was great. and crazy! On Wednesday we had interviews with President Curtiss his wife! They were so super good. MNI 7:2 talks about our callings and how they are gifts and I loved that. Also we talked about Enos and his prayers how much faith he had, you guys should read Enos this week its so short but its one of my favorite stories in the BOM :) We visited a MA this week her name is NANCY haha but she is so sweet and her daughter is so cute, her husband has a really bad drinking problem so we are seeing what we can to do help her but she is amazing and we had a super good lesson with her this week :) We are also visiting a woman named Guisela and I LOVE HER and her two daughters theyre so cute too and she really likes the church but her husband is not a fan. This week we also visited Maria Mileisha and Fabian and Dulce. I always love them with my whole heart. They really want to be baptized but Maria wokrs sundays and they cant come to church becuase of it. Also this week one of my investiagors taught me how to make toritlla de corn!! I stink at it but  it was still way fun to learn. Also our two dates for baptisms are doing good they are suoer pilas. Jose Alberto is till on track be getting baptized the 1 of November :) and Luis the 11 of October! They are awesome. Also Lisette a MA came to church yesterday! I love her and she liked it so i hope she will continue to come cause its important she hasnt been in a long time. There was a baptism Saturday and we went it was supposed to start at 6 but it didnt til 7!! Latinos are super late for everything and i have no idea why but its crazy! My comp also talked in church and did really good ( i didnt have to HAHAHA)  another really great scripture i found that I love this week is in John 20:31 about why we need the Bible AND BOM. its really good so you should all read it :) love you bunches!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Well this week was super good! We worked really hard this week and taught 28 lessons. We are finding people.. Just trying to find the ones who are ready! :) I made fried plantanes this week and they were super yummy. I was pretty proud of that. A lady in our ward also had her baby, He's like a week old today he is soooo little and soo cute! This week I have studied english with my comp she really wants to learn, but its super funny. I love talking english with her she literally understands nothing so i made her teach me in english it was awesome she is starting to catch on! ;) We found a woman who is named Telma and she was super sweet, she was really curious about eternal families so we talked to her about that for awhile and she really liked what she heard. :) We always visit this older lady and her even older mom on Wednesdays and fold their laundry their names are Susie and Crispula they love us and we love them and  we love to go fold their laundry and visit :) Oh something pretty cool this week as well. We got rejected pretty hard core by this man he was literally sitting doing nothing and we walked up to his door and he said "We dont want anything and we are busy goodbye" and slammed the door in our faces, hahah funny thing the next day in my personal study I was studying Alma when the people reject him.,... and the lord commands him to return and he does to find Amulek!! So.... we went back and nothing happened still. We did leave a pamphlet and are looking forward to returning again this week. :) cross your fingers for us! Also, we finally got Jose Alberto to agree to a baptimal date that is not next year, he will be getting baptized the 1 of November :) yay! he has such a strong testimony I am really excited for him. Also we visited a MA this weekand her husband has really bad drinking problems its super sad so we are going to see what we can do. We have been praying super hard and this week was great. :) I love it here! Hope your all enjoying school and work love you guys lots :):):):)

Monday, September 8, 2014

Sorry the internet is being soooo slow today but this week was good. Miracles we saw..... we have found like 6 menos activos that are not on the ward list anymore, so crazy but exciting and they want to change their lives so thats super cool, they are all awesome. :) One of them has a drinking problem, another couple the husband has a drinking problem, i think one of them just needs a little motivation, and the other works sundays... but they all say they want to change so we have hope. :) It has rained really hard this week which has been a little mircale as well ;) i love the rain! We taught Maria and Fabian this week. I love them soooo much they want to baptize but Maria can't really get work off so we are working with her on this. We also found a cute family of 4 that we are teaching and they have a 7 year old and a 2 month old. SOOO cute! Also we found a couple and the girl is 23 and the guy is 56, wow but they have such a cute kid too. I will keep you updated on all of them. This was a great week and the work gets better every day.  We went to Tikal today... it was AMAZING and so cool to think that maybe the Lamanites lived there or something... SUPER COOL :) I LOVE GUATEMALA and the beautiful people here so much and am so grateful to our Heavenly Father for blessing me with this opportunity to share His gospel. LOVE YOU ALL :)

Monday, September 1, 2014

No big email from Hermana Andersen this week. Unfortunately her companion was bit by a dog, she is doing great now but they flew them down to Guatemala City for treatment. They were there for almost the whole week. She was able to go out with the sisters there and said it was a neat experience but she is very happy to be home. :)