Monday, June 15, 2015

This week was good, and crazy but still GREAT. :)
Monday we had a few lessons including a FHE with a member family, it was really fun. Tuesday we had concilio, and had some really good workshops about teaching better. We also found a few new investigators super awesome this week, beginning with Hermelindo. He lives with his family and really wants to know about the church he just works sundays... and likes coffee a lot... BUT he really has desires to learn and we hope he can progress. :) Wednesday we lost our 3rd companion she went to another part, it was sad, the trio was way better than I thought it would be but it is nice to just be back to two. And speaking of that, I get to stay another change here! i love this place and the people here and I am excited to work more with HermanaTurley. Wednesday we had a different sister stay with us for a day and we had a member so we did divisions and I went with the member we went and visited some people and my comp and the other sister showed up cause they didnt know we were there and then the room where we were was SOOO tiny so we were literally sitting like on top of each other it was so funny!  Thursday we had zone conference and it was good, we also visited IVIS again and she is the best she knows everything is true she just is scared to return to church because of some problems that have happened before. Also thursday it rained SO HARD and we were in kinda a funny lesson, and the kid we were teaching with our member wouldnt let us wait inside his house for 10 minutes or 5... he just kinda shoved us out in tha pouring rain with our poor member hahahaha it was SO funny we just booked it! Also friday we did divisinos and I went with Hermana Muñoz, we got to ride around in a car for awhile... we were spoiled that day by the member ;) also we were in a lesson and a lady was bashing on the Book of Mormon and saying weird things about it,then she started talking about tithing and we showed her right there in the BOM it talks about tithing. Then she was more ready to listen it was awesome. :) I love the Book of Mormon. Saturday me and hermana turley started inviting people in the street to be baptize in our contacts, it was really cool and we want to keep doing it cause it has helped us out a lot. We are still visintg lidia and americo, but lidias mom doesnt really love us too much... but thats okay!!!! I love this gospel

and i love you all hope you have a great week :)

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  1. Hi- I appreciate your time spent serving a mission in Guatemala! I am with the Liahona Children's Foundation, and we serve 22 stakes in Guatemala. ( This Summer we are hosting "Nutritours" in Guatemala for people to come participate in our child nutrition screenings and other meaningful service, and do a little sight-seeing. We would love to tell you more about our organization and have you help us spread the word to anyone you know that might be interested in supporting our work in Guatemala. Feel free to contact me if you have more questions jessicawilkinson @ liahonachildren (dot) org. Thank you for your service!