Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Well this week I had a wonderful experience that has opened my eyes to what i am sure I will be facing a lot in Cobán.... I was enjoying this DELICIOUS salad, when i was about to put a piece in my mouth then saw some black moldy stuff on it. i put it down and then picked it back up and looked again, and to my surprise, realized i almost just enjoyed and crunced on a yummy CATERPILLAR CACOON!!! nasty.... it has fuzzy every where and was squishy and gross... yeah i havent ate salad since.  This week has been soo good and it just gets better everday. I learn more, I make more relationships each day, and i feel the spirit all the time.The latinas in our room leave tomorrow at 3:30 am and i am literally so sad, they are the cutest but i know they will be amazing missionaries in Santa Ana!!. We always have deportes and we alwasys do a hard workout video with presidente hahaha, he is in better shape than any of us misioneros its so funny.There is this hymn in spanish and it is SOOO PRETTY and amazing you should look it up,  its page 88 in the spanish hymn book and is called PLACENTEROS NOS ES TRABAJAR. listen to it and then search the story behind it and the guy who wrote it and the english translation it is my favorite ever, and its only a spanish hymn. SAD!  Anyway we get to go on a field trip tomorrow cause the new batch of nortes and latinos come tomorrow, crazy to think that was us 2 weeks ago!! Time really flies here... But i love it and i am happy :) i love praying in spanish too. They begin with PADRE CELESTIAL which i am sure you can tell is celestial father. and i just love that. My testimony really is strengthened all the time here and I love the spirit here. I am grateful to be here :)

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