Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Weird! time is going by so fast for me down here. I am loving the spirit and the testimony and I can see myself growing spiritually more everday :)
We got to have a chocolate fountain again for dinner yesterday.. and you best believe I ate almost all the marshmallows they put out HAHA. But the chocolate fountain meant this last group of latinas left.  I totally made a new best friend in the group so I was really sad to see her leave. Her name is Hermana Zaleta and she is from Mexico! She was soooo funny. We always sat by each other at dinner. She always teased me for EVERYTHING I DID haha and i gave it back to her. Last night before she left she came into my aula and gave me her hair bow :) It was so cute so i gave her a necklace. Our roommates left at like 5 am this morinig so we woke up then to say bye to them. They were the sweetest things ever too. I think our spanish is getting better so its easier for us to get closer to the hermanas. The CCM is the same everyday haha CLASSES CLASSES CLASSES.
My teachers are truly the best Hno Noack is going to be famous and they came and filmed him for some mormon message in centeral america sooo watch for that haha we might be in it :). Today we got to go to the temple and i love it more each time :) it makes me so happy! I love Guatemala and they werent kidding when they said its the rainy season here. There literally hasnt been a day we havent had rain here, and I love it!
Anyway Sunday was the best too we had normal church stuff and got to watch amazing devotionals and the Testaments. It was so good its awesome to think that those are the poelple we are teaching. They literally have lineage that we believe has seen christ. HOW COOL!! These people are amazing. I cant wait to be fluent in the language cause half the time when the latinas talk to us we have to have them say it slow and describe words hahahaha its so fun though.
But really thats about all this week. I love you guys sooo much and hope you have an amazing week! I am so grateful for the gospel and am learning so much all the time! :) Love you!

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