Monday, October 20, 2014

I love it here :)

Well this week was good, my compañion officially has 8 months in her mission and I almost have 5, weird. I cant believe that it is autumn back home it still feels like July here but i am loving it. This week we went to visit LOTS of people, it was really good. We are visitng a family that I love they are Efrain and Heidi I really hope they can progress. They have 1 daughter and shes like 5 years old and the cutest thing ever. Also this week we were walking to an appt and there was some guy and his car broke down.. and i said to my comp lets go help him and she said yeah we cant do anything and i said true... but we can ask he will probably say no anyways, well he didn't say no and we ended up helping him look for bolts in the POURING rain it was pretty funny haha BUT we left him a Book of Mormon and he told us that his sister served a mission so that was pretty cool. Oh also we are visiting a man named Diego he is sooo cool, he pays tithing and has a great testimony and everything he just doesnt want to baptize, who knows why?? We are going to continue working with him. It is so awesome here... wahoo!! love you all :)

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