Monday, October 6, 2014

This week was so great! :)

So basically I absolutely love my new area, with the exception of the giant spiders that live in our house... it's pretty disgusting and my comp makes me kill them sometimes hahaha sooo gross!! I hate spiders. The roads in this area are all dirt so my shoes look like i have had them for 50 years, but i love it,  it makes me feel more like a missionary everyday and my tanlines are horrible. ;)  This area is much bigger than my last so we do even more walking. We got rained out one day this week, that was crazy!! There was sooo much rain so we waited for a little then left the house!! My comp is the best I dont know if its because i am not training anymore or what but she's amazing i love her we are always laughing and teasing each other  and with the people here as well, I am still trying to meet everyone and get to know them but they are all so humble and sweet. We visited a familty this week with 10 kids they are the absolute cutest things ever!! We brought a wonderful woman and her kids to gerenal conference. wahoo!!! By the way conference was sooooo good ;) i loved it, its was different to be a missionary and watch it but so amazing.  I got to watch part of it in english with the other gringo missionaries so that was fun!! I wish I had time for more but we are so busy I love you guys!! :)

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