Monday, January 26, 2015

okay my keyboard stinks.

SOoo sorry this will be short but this weekwas a good one and SO Fas!!! tuesday we had divisiosand that was fun i was with hna adair here  then wednesday we got some bad news, the member Ingrid, her mom found out that she has cancer, poor thing. so we have isited them, and they are going to the hospital in guate city today to see how bad it is. Please keep her in your prayers :) her name is Gloria. Also this week we visited a MA and her mom, who is not  A MEMBERAND we got bit by somanymosquiotos  that i am surprise i still dont have dungue ;) no just kidding but we had a really good lesson wth them!!  thursday we visited a girl named claudia she has arthrtis really  bad but is really interested in the churchso we will see with her:) friday we washed blankets andclothes early in the morning for Ingrid and hat was fu!! well love you ll1!.9.) happyfebrurary!!

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