Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Well this week was good, Guatemala celebrates the new year with...
FIREWORKS and more fireworks that sound like a war of gunshots! And
everyone at midnight just lights a bajillion of them! Its crazy! And
also.. You will never believe what we ate... MORE TAMALES. But they
were so good these ones we ate were chicken.. no ducks this time. But
still good, although I am pretty sure I can live the rest of my life
without eating another... Also we ate Saqik its like a creamy soup with
turkey and its SPICY, its a little nasty its like oatmeal with water but thats
what everyone eats with tamales.... this week workwise was good!:) we
found lots of less actives and they were fun to visit, we found this
family and the husband is a member but isnt active.. and they invited
us to dinner this week and we really want to work with them they are
awesome!! We took our dvd player around this week to show mormon
mesages to people and they LOVED them it was super awesome and the
mormon messages are so powerful. :) Although one family thought we
were recording them and were super scared  it was so funny. We
went to one family this week and they were washing clothes in their
pila so we offered to help them.... They thought it was so funny that a
gringa was washing clothes by hand so they took pictures of me, like a
million and its like hello i wash my clothes too.. hahaha but this
family is SOO awesome, I really want them to progerss... they already
have a religion but we have a goal to convert them so we will  see :)
also the RC Vilma left with us to visit this week SHE IS THE BEST! Sooo
cute and she bore her testimony and it is just awesome. :) Thats
basically it for this week, talk to you all next week have a good one!
love you!:)

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