Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Subject: Last email from the CCM

So this week I heard the coolest conversion story! This guy named Sergio came to take pictures of us for the church website crazy huh?? Our district is going to be famous :) hahaha just kiddding probably not. But the guy taking the pictures has been a member for a little over a year - he said he used to be a huge partier and one day he just kinda realized he wanted to change his life. So he went to a church (LDS) and saw missionaries and they talked to him and said can we help you la la la? He said yeah how do i get baptized? So he was a golden investigator. He was baptized a week later but he wanted to surprise his mom, he didnt know how she would react so he said dress nice and he took her to the church and he cahnged into his white clothes and she just started crying and he got nervous and asked why she was crying and she said she would tell him later. They went on with the baptism and later he asked her again and she said she had been a member for 28 years just really inactive, and she reactivated and they just went through the temple two weeks ago. It was so sweet! This week we also got a new teacher his name is Hermano Hernandez and he is super awesome I have learned a lot from him.  My spiritual moment for this week was cool!! We do this thing called CRE and we teach non active members but really its just other missionaries pretending to be them. Hna Bacon and I always have this plan that I bring my spanish scriptures and she has her english so if we give the investogaros something to read they can have the spanish and we have english so we can still understand hahah but me and her got split up so i had to teach an elder by myself and I needed this scripture and i couldnt think of it, and i only had my spanish scriptures and couldnt read them.., but the SPRIIT helped me remember which one it was :) i was so happy:):):)  another funny story. I was walking in the CCM the day after all the new nortes got here and looked at this one kid--- I KNEW HIM! We went to high school together but he graduated this year his name is Elder Lucas. Funny story. This week i also learned some Q'etchi from one of the Branch presidents... Mazala Xol is Buenos Dias or Buenas Tardes.. kinda like good day in english :) The latinas in this group really want to learn english too so they all had me write like the mission objective and the first vision in english haha theyre really cute but the nortes overpower the latinas now there are so many nortes its crazy!! ew i have another bug story too, but not in my food this time. We were playing volleyball and i felt something hit my head and i just thought it was my hair but then i heard a thud on the ground and i looked down and there was a GIANT BEETLE. sick!! Like not even kiddin the size of my palm that hit me. It was nasty, and then the teachers outside with us were just telling me how much worse it is in Coban sooooo wahoo! bugs!  :) Oh and i love mexican ice cream better than american, they have this kind that is coconut and it has chucks of coco in it SOOOO GOOOD!!!! Hope you all have a good one and cant wait to talk to you again from the CAMPO!!!:):):)
love you all so much!

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