Monday, September 29, 2014

4MONTHS whaaaaat

Wow I really cant believe its been 4 months. :) Time is going by super fast! Especially this last cambio!

This week one of the grandduaghters of an investigator asked me if she could take a picture with me and I said oh yeah of course and she told me she wanted to show her friends and teach them about the Book of Mormon!  I thought that was soo cute and cool and it made me so happy. :)  We had divisions this week with the Hermana Leaders and I stayed in my area but went with a hermana named Hna Hernandez from Mexico she is sooo sweet! We vsited the less active hermana named Nancy and she was sooo awesome, she always is. Then we also visited Luis who is preparing for his baptism on the 11 of Octuber :) He is super cool! A miracle we had this week... We visited a family who literally has like nothing and they are soooo ready to hear the message. We taught them and they were really receptive and came to the womens general conference with us and liked it and also came to church! They really like everything and really need this gospel in their lives :) They all have dates as well for baptism, sooo excited for them,  :) A funny story we were knocking doors this week and we talked to these people for a couple minutes left a pamphlet and yeah went to the next door... IT WAS THE SAME HOUSE. hahah we were so embarassed cause the people were not very receptive so that was pretty funny. :) This week also while knocking we were teaching and the husband of the lady came out and started like preaching to us it was sooooo funny just stuff about Jesus Christ but like trying to get in a fight with us?? i dont know it was weird.  We watched the conference this week it was sooooo good i loved Uchtdorfs  talk (when they announced he was talking i was literally jumping in my seat) but i loved how he said the commandments are divine consejos?? i dont know this word in english like teachings or something like that. Oh also I have a CAMBIO!! I am now in Trebol  which is like 5 minutes from my old area and my companion is Hermana Hernandez from Nicaragua, I already love her. I am super excited to start working this week in this new area!!!! love you alll so much :):):)


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