Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Well this week was super good! We worked really hard this week and taught 28 lessons. We are finding people.. Just trying to find the ones who are ready! :) I made fried plantanes this week and they were super yummy. I was pretty proud of that. A lady in our ward also had her baby, He's like a week old today he is soooo little and soo cute! This week I have studied english with my comp she really wants to learn, but its super funny. I love talking english with her she literally understands nothing so i made her teach me in english it was awesome she is starting to catch on! ;) We found a woman who is named Telma and she was super sweet, she was really curious about eternal families so we talked to her about that for awhile and she really liked what she heard. :) We always visit this older lady and her even older mom on Wednesdays and fold their laundry their names are Susie and Crispula they love us and we love them and  we love to go fold their laundry and visit :) Oh something pretty cool this week as well. We got rejected pretty hard core by this man he was literally sitting doing nothing and we walked up to his door and he said "We dont want anything and we are busy goodbye" and slammed the door in our faces, hahah funny thing the next day in my personal study I was studying Alma when the people reject him.,... and the lord commands him to return and he does to find Amulek!! So.... we went back and nothing happened still. We did leave a pamphlet and are looking forward to returning again this week. :) cross your fingers for us! Also, we finally got Jose Alberto to agree to a baptimal date that is not next year, he will be getting baptized the 1 of November :) yay! he has such a strong testimony I am really excited for him. Also we visited a MA this weekand her husband has really bad drinking problems its super sad so we are going to see what we can do. We have been praying super hard and this week was great. :) I love it here! Hope your all enjoying school and work love you guys lots :):):):)

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