Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Hey all. So this week was SO good! It began Monday night, saying goodbye to everyone in San Benito was a little stinky, but the highlight was this super cute grandpa that LOVES the missionaries gave me a surprise kiss on the cheek HAHAHA super awkward, but yeah he is like 90 something and sweet. Tuesday we got all packed to go to Coban and had a 6 hour bus ride that was super great....... we got to Coban, and I was so excited to see all my old comps!! Hna martinez, hna gomez, I was sooooo happy to see them! It was a little reunion of my companions! Then I also saw hna weicks FINALLY! She has like 4 months in the mish and I finally found her!:) It was fun to see her. Then we got on another bus for 45 minutes to our area, and when we got here we were greeted by the lady we live with! HOLY COW! I dont even know how to explain her. Her name is Ingrid, she is the funniest and sweetest thing on this planet! I love her. My new area is SOOOOO COLD! I literally wear like 3 jakcets every day and gloves, I mean I was asking for a little change from the heat in Peten but not this much!;) But its so great, there are a lot of mountains so I just really like it, its super Guatemala-ish!! Also, EVERYONE and their dog in this area speaks a language called Po´qom. Its freaking crazy and half the peaople dont even speak spanish either so its tough to communicate with them but we try!:) We have some super awesome investigators here, theres a sweet family that we visit, the problem is that the guy is married to some girl in Canada but he's starting his divorce papers so we will see what happens there. We had district meeting thursday and we made pancakes, my new district leader is from Montana, I thought of Bruce when I met him. Also my ZL is from Morgan and another elder in my district is too, they both know the Marsdens!! Also, i dont know why I am the luckiest missionary in the world when it comes to worms... BUT I FOUND ANOTHER IN MY FOOD THIS WEEK! yum. sooo gross hahah. Also we have this girl here who got baptized in like septmeber and i just love her, her name is Vilma. I LOVE HER: I also saw a redneck sauna this week and thought of you dad, its built in like a stove thing hahha super funny. Then yeah thats about my week! Loving my new areal, and my comp Hna Rivas she is from peru and has 21 years and she is sooo sweet. we have the same amount of time in the mission so we will be leaving together. pretty sweet!!!:) Thats all, but have a great week and I LOVE YOU ALL :) 


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