Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Mission San Benito... OVER

So first off we have changes! Both me and Hna Hernandez are leaving our area and heading for areas close to Coban and my comp will be Hna Rivas from Peru (I think). I am super excited, and we are both new to the area so it should be a big ADVENTURE to find our way around and investigators and stuff! I am a little nervous too... but more excited :) And I will be leaving the HEAT!! Bring on the cold I will be able to wear my sweaters finally!:) I didnt bring them for nothing hahahaha.
This week was a good and slow one! We found a PILAS investigator yesterday,and  had a super spiritual and awesome lesson with him, then to find out that we both have changes! Pretty sad. Also speaking of sad, the reason this week was slow is because the wife of one of the members of the presidency of the branch passed away. Super sad so we were at their house a lot this week helping and consoling, it was really sad. But the service they had for her in the church was SOOO beautiful! A guy spoke and said something super awesome, he said ¨´We are born to die, and we die to live¨ I LOVED that. That is something from this gospel that just makes me so happy. I really know that families can be eternal and I am sooo grateful we have that knowledge in the restored church :) Also we saw the biggest rainbow ever, that was really cool, i am going to try to send pics??? i took some!

Yesterday was testimony meeting and SUPER good!!! i love testimony meeting. And also yesterday was december 7th... which in Guatemala for the catholics is BURN A DEVIL OUT OF YOUR HOUSE day. Literally they put like scarecrow looking people outside their house with a lot of fireworks and they burn them and they look like devils! Its so weird. Also we watched the chirstmas devotional yesterday, I loved it :) and just so you know family i still look for George
everytime the motab sings. and i point it out to my comps. ;) hahahahhaah


hna andersen

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