Monday, December 29, 2014

7 months

HOLY COW I seriously cant believe Christmas already passed, and that 2015 starts in like 3 days!! This year has gone by so fast and has been such a good one! :)

But this week was also one of the best EVER!!! Monday we got to go sing with some elderly people and it was SOOOOO FUN! They are the cutest things. One of them slapped my companion hahaha and also I got interviewed and was on TV!!!! People have passed me on the street and said hey saw you on the news! And i was like what?! so i have no idea how you could find it, but apparently i am famous in Guatemala WOOP!;) Then tuesday we just contacted LOTS cause so many people werent available.. and we also visited Americo and Victoria I LOVE them and their daughter, durning the prayer she like kissed my cheek haha it was so cute. Also after we left their house we literally walked and contacted ALL DAY so we sat down for a second and this lady comes out of nowhere and is like Ohh let me give you guys a hug, it was sooo funny i think she thought we were sad or something, it was sweet. Then wednesday we had district meeting, it was about the book of Mormon and really good then we helped people make tamales, and we visited a RC named Vilma holy cow I love her!!!! This Christmas was one of the best and so humbling, the people here dont celebrate with huge gifts or anything, but its sooo amazing, the love we can feel from our Savior not only this day but every day and that's what its all about :) On Christmas we ate MORE TAMALES for breakfast and lunch and then I GOT TO TALK TO MY FAMILY :) best moment ever! Cant wait til may ;) Friday we were in the house most of the day actually ALL day cause my comp got sick :( super sad so i literally read and wrote letters like all day. Saturday we attempted to go to an aldea, and we walked for what felt like forever and we asked this lady if we were close and she said NO its still like a half hour in a bus... WHAT!!! our area is giant here but we need to go to all ends of the earth right?? oh also i dont know if you remember me talkin about Cesar from Trebol?? the guy who stopped drinking coffee!! I heard he GOT BAPTIZED the other day!! so that was cool he is so awesome. and yeah thats this week. :) Hope you all have a WONDERFUL new year!!!!!!! 2015!!!!
Love you guys!
hna andersen
                               Christmas Eve with our tree and PJs
                                              Duck Tamales!!

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