Monday, March 9, 2015


Yeah im not writing a big email today, not much happened this week,
because my life was spent in the dentist office. Vilma and Angel
brought their family to a church activity so that was super cool but
they couldnt come to church because they went to sell food with their
church ON A SUNDAY. We explained to them that it was breaking the
sabbath and they said.. well its just once a year!!  Also we
have been working really hard with a woman named Ursula she is the best
and her little girl ALWAYS braids my hair, she loves it for some
reason. Sorry but thats pretty much it this week. We went to some
really cool caves today so I don't have much time, Everything is
great here!!! I hope everyone is good I love you all so much have a
great week :)

sista andersen

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