Monday, March 30, 2015

This week we spent a lot of time visiting and helping Vilma and her
kids, her husband is still working far away, but she is reading the
Book of Mormon and has lots of questions so that is super good. :) We
also taught Ursula again, I think I  have talked about her before! I
love her, we taught her the law of chastity this week because her and her
"husband" are not married. It started out pretty awkward cause we
thought she would be angry  that we were teaching her that, but it all
ended up pretty good and she understood the importance of marriage.
They have a goal set to be married in April! Woop woop! :) The Womens
conference was super good, I LOVED Henry B Eyrings talk, he always has
the spirit so strong when he speaks. Yesterday the Catholics celebrated
the holy week and they had a parade that passed our house at like 9 pm
with a huge float of Jesus and the virgin Guadalupe and they decorated
the streets with this chalk stuff so all day it was SOOOO pretty to
walk in the streets. Its been a good week time is going by too fast but
I really love to be here!!! The gospel is true and we are so lucky to
have it!!!! love you guys



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