Thursday, July 24, 2014

Mission Life :)

This week was good.

Tuesday was kinda tough, we had a rough day and not many people were home for some reason who knows why! But later that night we finally got into a home and it was a young girl and she has a little baby and he was SOOO cute so we were able to have a lesson with her. There are also these niños we teach and they are literally the cutest things on the face of this planet. There is the little boy named Makario and I absoulutely adore that boy. Every time he sees us he yells HERMANAS in this cute little voice and gets so excited. We had a pretty cool lesson this week with some guy we had never met before, I bought a marshmallow from him and then we started talking to him about the gospel. We havent seen him since so who knows if it will go anywhere but the lesson was really good, and he was very nice.The family that came to church last week, the Trujillo familia THE DAD SAID YES TO BAPTISM :):):) so now we just have to help prepare him. We have a baptism this week, with a guy named Luis he is 22 and is very sweet. He has some issues but he loves the church and his nephew is a member so we need to just teach Luis very slowly. Yesterday at church there were some people there from Texas but the woman grew up in Harrisville...  weird right?? It was fun to visit with them. :) Today for Pday our district went on  a hike to some caves and it was fun but a little scary and we literally got lost inside the caves, I just kept praying that we would find our way out and then.. BOOM a guy who knows the caves came and asked if we needed a guide and led us out! I know our pratyers are always answered and I am so grateful for this gospel :)  Anyways that was my week !! Until Next :):):)
Love you all so much!

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