Tuesday, July 15, 2014

So the earthquake happened last week when I was still in the CCM at like 5:30 am. I woke up and it felt like the bed was vibrating but then we just went back to bed. We have had two earthquakes while I was in the CCM the second one last week was much bigger than the first one. I left the CCM on the 8th, I woke up at 1:30 we left at 4 and had a 5 hour bus ride. We arrived in Coban at 930 and met President and Sister Curtiss they are SOOOO awesome and they both speak English, it was great :) Then I found out I had another 6 hour bus ride to my area, but they decided to let me leave the next day thank goodness. I am in San Benito which is about a half hour from Tikal, some Mayan ruins, we are right next to a lake and it is a very poor area but I am excited to be here, the kids are SOOO cute and everyone is so nice. Everyone greets people with kisses on the cheeks though so if a man approaches us we need to hurry and stick our arms out for a handshake. I wish I had more time to write about investigators, I will try to next week.  We have some amazing investigators, there are some cool stories, it is really hard for people here to get married so the law of chastity is a problem but we did have a couple get married this week so that was awesome.  The weddings are very different they just signed a paper and it was done! So yeah we basically just walk around our area ALL DAY and people are usually really willing to listen to us so we have a lot of lessons. There are quite a few other churches here and  when we were in a lesson the other day some missionaries from another religion came in and we all had a great conversation about Jesus Christ hahaha. There is a member, Hermana Blacnca who feeds us lunch everyday and we usually just don't have any dinner, but sad story her father is very sick and is dying so she went to Mexico to take care of him. Okay well I wish I had more time but I wanted to leave you with something from one of President Uchtdorfs talks that has helped me so much this week: Five forget me nots
1.   forget not to be pàteinte with yourself
2.   forget not the difference between a good and foolish sacrifice
3.   forget not to be happy NOW
4.   forget  not the why  of the gospel
5,   forget not the lord loves you

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