Monday, July 28, 2014

WEIRD time is going by fast and at the same time sometimes it isnt :) But this week was good! I had a huge list of things I was going to write in this email but I forgot it :( So this is all from memory.

We had lots of lessons with members, which is really surprising cause the members are tough to come by here. But that was good. The members that do come are soo nice. We had a baptism Saturday for Luis. He is 22 years old and struggles a little so we have taught him very slowly. But miracles happen, he understands everything in little condensed versions! The baptism was wonderful and we were talking to him after and I asked him how he felt and he said good, so I said well I know that but how do you really feel and he said I just feel REALLY HAPPY. Little tender moments, But that made me realize that this is what missions are for. This is what we are meant to do. And that little moment made me very happy. It was super sweet :)

I do have to say my best investment this week was MANI. (peanut butter). I made a PBand J everyday haha and my comp made me FRENCH TOAST with pbandj which is BOMB!! And i also made grilled cheese for us, sooo good :) but my comp being from mexico loves pica on everything she even eats it with apples she is crazy!! 

It rained sooo much this week too! Which was nice cause it was cloudy.. but did that change the heat? Not one bit! hahaha the hot is not as bad as it was the first while so it is okay now. :) We had district meeting this week and that was good too we do that everyweek i guess but this was my first! my district is fun there are 6 hermanas and 4 elders (tecfhnically 6 elders but some are the zone leaders) and yeah sorry don't remember much else l will be better next week :)
Riding a tuc tuc

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