Monday, August 4, 2014

Its August. What?!

This week was so good! Okay so funny story to start: I literally wake up almost every night to someone talking..... My comp. And everytime she is TEACHING A LESSON in her sleep!! I hear in spanish her saying okay and why do we pray? good! because God loves us! It is so funny. :) This week we went to a members house for a second and they were listening to FROZEN!! sooo we may have had a little jam session for a second... LET IT GO or in other words.. LIBRE SOY!! jajaja. Also this week on Tuesday a member called us to see if we could help clean her house, we said yes and we went and let's just say there was plenty to clean. :)  Something kinda cool that happened, I was teaching an investigator and  I talked for a pretty long time and realized I really had no idea what I was saying, but it was all in spanish and it worked and he understood and we felt the spirit!! GRACIAS for the HOLY GHOST!!!  :) We also taught a couple this week and they are WRESTLERS how awesome is that? Also, we had a chocobanana this week and it was HEAVEN. We taught a family that lives with pigs and it smelled really bad but its a huge family so we are hoping and praying that we can help them gain a testimony. :) This week I did something I NEVER would have thought Id have to do... I TAUGHT A LESSON IN ENGLISH! weird right? One of our investiagtors is from Belize and he speaks both english and spanish but English better and the spanish sciptures are kinda hard to understand so I taught him the BOM and Joseph Smith in English. He has a girlfriend and they live together but they are getting married in September so we are working really hard with them and  are hoping all works out!:) This week we also changed our house and it is super awesome (for Guatemala) i love it. When we were moving the secretary of our barrio (ward?) was helping us and he always tries to speak enlgish to me but its really funny the conversation is literally always the same like this  he says "hi how are you" and i say "good how are you" and he says "OHHH YES!" hahahahaha he has no idea what he is saying. But later that day we went to the english class that one of our zone leaders teaches and helped him, it was great. We also have an investiagator we are teaching and she is so sweet her name is Rosa and she has a little boy and we asked her to get baptized and she said yeah when? sooo now we just need her to go to church!!:)  Speaking of church, yesterday was so good we had testimony meeting and I love the spirit :):) church is awesome! Its funny here when one person in the family gets up to bear their testimony THE WHOLE FAMILY GETS UP and stands around the micropphopne taking turns its the cutest haha :) 
Mission life is good, getting better each day!! I LOVE GUATEMALA :)

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