Monday, August 11, 2014

Grateful for Prayers! :)

This week was good, but we kinda had a tough one as far as lessons go.  Four out of our six members bailed on us the day of, so we were lacking in numbers in the lessons con miebros area... Wow! Next week will be better! Tuesday I thought I was going to die, there was the loudest thunder I have EVER heard in my life and we were teaching under a tin roof so it echoed and we were soaked anyways cause the roof had holes. SOO CRAZY!  Something really awesome that happened this week, we have this guy who is menos activo and he has been for 7 years, since his wife passed away, but we had a noche de hermanomiento with him and HE CAME TO CHURCH THIS SUINDAY :) We were so happy he is older and sooo sweet, so that was Chilero!!:): We also had Reunion de Zona this week and that was good, as well as we had many musical lessons this week, weird right? One a guy played a bunch of music for us on a guitar and it was so cool he was really good,  another guy let us play his marimba and as we were talkning with him we foud out he is a secretary with the Catholic church so we will see where that goes. :) So the reason i titled this about prayers is because I have had to use the wonderful power of prayer a lot this week! Tuesday we were walking past the tortilleria where the niños live and the mom had told us that Juanito who is Makarios older brother was hit by a motorcycle and they just left after hitting him. :( So we ate lunch really fast and went to visit him at the hospital. It was soo sad he broke his fremur and has a huuuge cast on. He is home now and fine we prayed really hard for him he is the sweetest thing and we took him dulces and are so grateful he is okay :)  This week we also found undiscovered ground in our area so we have like a million more houses we can proselyte  in!!:) WAHOO!! :) also this week we started talking with a woman who has 3 grandkids living with her and one has down sydrome she is THE CUTEST TIHING and the woman is sooo sweet too.l love them! That's pretty much it for this week I LOVE YOU ALL :)

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