Monday, August 25, 2014

New week new companion :)

This wek was so good! My new comp is so cute she leaves me notes in my planner and is just so sweet. We taught a girl that has been taught by the missionaries for a while and I LOVE her. Her name is Dairin and she has a baby and a esposo but they are not married so we talked a little about that. We also taught Maria and her grandkids and THEY ALL HAVE BAPTISMAL DATES!! 20 of September I am so excited for them :) the only problem is Maria just got a job... for sundays. :( so we dont know what we are going to do but we have to fnd a way that she can come to church and the tough thing is they are really poor so she really needs the job. It is so hard. I really hope hey can make the important step. Also our investigator that has a date for the 6 of Sept is really progressing like crazy! He did homework in one of the pamphlets we left! We were so surprised haha. This weekend we had a conference with all the members in Peten so there was a bajillion people there and we didnt think he came but we went to his house and he talked about his favorite talk and everything! it was soo cool :) The conference this weekend was really good president of our mission came and talked and the president of the area his name is Hermano Morales. They were super good. A cool story for this week we were just kinda knocking random doors and we talked with this one girl and she was like really hesitant with talking to us then she just said i drink so i dont think i should talk to you and we explained that Heanvenly Father loves us no matter what and its not important and people can help and la la and she just started crying. She was baptized in the church and has been menos active for who knows how long but she really wants help. It is crazy amazing how the spirit leads us to certain people! I am so grateful for the spirit and this gospel :) Well have a great week love you so much :)

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