Wednesday, November 19, 2014

So, apparently the cold has hit Peten... Yep Im still not feeling it haha. Still sweating everyday and enjoying the sun. ;) We ate some super cold watermelon the other day, and I feel like I am stuck in July for the rest of my life! But I love it. 

SO Tuesday we went to visit Diego cause he was sick, and we went there and that book of mormon he didnt want was sitting on the table RIGHT BY HIM.. so we have our suspicions that he may be reading it. We hope so at least!! Also we visited a guy that works in a store and he talked to us FOREVER about baptisms for the dead, he didnt agree with it at all!! SO we left him a pamphlet of the plan of salvation and are hoping to return and teach him more! Thursday we had reunion de distrito and it was all about the holy ghost. It was super good I always love district meetings, our DL is pretty awesome!! We are teaching a girl named Lupita and she is so darn cute she is 16 years old, and has these little cousins that are the cutest things too. AND she is keeping all her commitments!! Reading BOM, praying, we just need to get her to church with us but she likes what we teach so we will see :) Also the funny people we visited for the week were some evangelists or something but they asked us if we thought it was a sin to dance and we said well no theres limits but we can dance and they went on this rant of YOU CANT DANCE ITS OF THE WORLD AND ITS SIN and freaked out and then told us we dont have Jesus in our hearts... yeah that was pretty crazy encounter. Also we visited a family with hna and elder bake and it was an adventure, but all turned out well with the message :) we are still teaching efrain his wife is not listening anymore but he still is so we will see what happens with him. :) 

have a great week.
hna andersen

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