Monday, November 24, 2014

I still love our house...


This week was great.  Monday night we did FHE with some of my FAVORITE people, karlita and marina. I seriously love them.  I taught them how to roast marshmallows! They loved it and after we shared our lesson and were roastin the mallows it started to rain SUPER hard. Seriously I am pretty sure that a lightning bolt hit the house because it was SOOOO LOUD. It has been a little colder this week so that was nice. :) We visited a cute family this week and they are SUPER evangelicos, he was scolding us for wearing earrings...  and it was just so funny like he told us they are sins and things like that i have no idea. We are still working with Maria as well. She is progressing but she didnt come to church this sunday, she went to the young women activities but not church so we will see what is going on tomorrow with her, its almost her birthday woohoo. Then we are also visiting a guy named Cesar hes been receiving the lessons for a long time, and has had problems with some things but we visited him this week and he told us he hasn't had coffee in 8 days!!!!! That was soooo cool and we are really hoping he can keep progressing cause he's super pilas. :) There was also a baptism on saturday and it was good we sang in the baptism and it was really pretty. But the crowning event of this week.... DRUM ROLL... RAT IN THE ROOF! So one night we got to the house and planned and everything and were getting ready for bed, when i looked on the top of my closet thing to grab something and saw something moving, i realized it was a worm, so i got a chair and looked closer and there were like 50 worms in my stuff!!!!! well they were MAGGOTS, like from dead things!! and they were just like dripping from the ceiling like rain and me and my comp freaked out cause it was like 1030 and we needed to sleep so we got a bucket and were trying to figure out to do when the POWER went out!! We were soooo mad hahahah but it was sooo funny. So the power came back on and we were trying to figure it out again and the power left AGAIN!!! So when it finally came back on  we  stuck a paper to the ceiling so that they wouldnt fall and then we went to bed. The next day we told the guy who is over the houses about it and they went up and found this HUGE RAT, dead. It was soooo gross and smelled AWFUL! But yeah that was pretty fun. Adventures in Guatemala right?? I am lovin that mission life. :)

love you all have a great week I almost forgot it was Thanksgiving, Happy Thanksgiving!!

hna Andersen


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