Monday, November 10, 2014

We visited Maria this week, she is soo great and still has a baptismal date but she changes her mind like everytime we visit her so we will see when she will finally follow through. :) She wants to and knows it is true, she just really needs to have faith. This week we visited a referral  in a brand new part of our area thats literally ALL FIELDS,so we went and she is the bomb!!  She told us their family is looking for the truth... so we planned an appt with them and I am so excited. The only bad thing is the husband is only there at night and the area where they live is super dangerous at night so we have to go with a member who has a car and unfortunately there are only 1 or 2 members that have cars so we will have to rely on them.  Also we visited a less active member and he is like crazy against the church now, it's so sad to see a testimony has gone to that, he went through the temple with his wife and everything but we will do everything we can to help him. We also found a woman this week named Blanca. I LOVE HER. I am really hoping she can progress cause she is soo cool and my comp had a dream about her before the mission hahaha super crazy. That's all for this week I will try to be better at writing stuff down.. LOVE YOU ALL :)

                                                                    Birthday Cake
We have the same birthday!!
Some of my favorite investigators :)

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