Tuesday, November 4, 2014

This week was good. And it went by super fast, time seriously goes by so fast here!

Monday we went to NDH with Leti and her husband Diego who is not a member... but he pays tithing goes to church and everything he's basically a member without the baptism. We visit them a lot and he told us Sunday that he needed to talk to us. So we went to the NDH Monday and we were so excited that he'd say he wants to baptize, but he told us he does not want the lessons anymore... WE WERE CRUSHED.  We went back and visited him again and he said we can still visit him. So we are going to see what happens with him but honestly that was super hard. We also visited Efrain and Heidi and we are hoping they'll progress, they are super awesome! Efrain went to the baptism with us the other day so we will see. My birthday didn't feel like a birthday in the mission we visited poeple and had our same routine, my comp bought a cake so that was very sweet :) She also poured this powder stuff on my head when i woke up hahah and i was like what is this and she said its powder for your feet and i thought oh my dad would be GAGGING right now hahahahah :) it was funny but I guess  its a latino tradition. So dad when i get home watch out. ;) We also visited a guy and we have a bapsitmal date with him his name is Cesar but he really likes his coffee so we will help him with that but he is pilas. :) This week we also had divisions and I stayed in my area with Hna Ball it was fun to be with her we had a good time visiting people and everyone saw us and thought we were crazy cause both of us are super white GRINGAS hahah :) also this week I taught an enlgish class and I loved it. It is starting to cool down a little so thats nice i can finally sleep with socks on :) something funny today at pizza hut my comp spilled grape soda ALL over my skirt that was great hahaha ;) loving the mission life!!! have a great week!!:)

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